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who we are

Greg Moore, CEO of Eagle River Group

our mission

Eagle River Group empowers our clients to make better business decisions with advanced information systems.

Where did the Eagle River Group name come from?
In the 1940s, the Eagle River Valley in Colorado was an unlikely center of innovation. Near the town of Leadville, the U.S. Army created a new kind of unit, capable of operating in rugged mountain environments. This creation required new thinking, new training, new equipment, and new systems. The 10th Mountain Division went on to play a key role fighting in the Alps in World War Two, and some of its members came back to the Eagle River Valley after the war and built the heart of the American ski industry. Today, we’re inspired by the innovation and courage of those pioneers to solve tough problems and create new capabilities.

How did you decide to start Eagle River Technology?
After almost twenty years working in roles in data analytics and information system design for large enterprises, I could see cloud computing creating a new opportunity to democratize business knowledge. Powerful management information systems that used to require huge corporate data centers and hundreds or thousands of technicians were now being made available to small and medium businesses at very low cost. However, many of these businesses lack the resources and skills to take advantage of these capabilities. Eagle River Technology focuses on partnering with our clients to offer them the services they need to leverage cloud business applications. We bring the expertise to drive the integration and management of these technology platforms to power better business decision-making for our clients.

Why did you start Eagle River Research?
Working in industries that believe in information technology as a competitive advantage, from Aerospace & Defense to Financial Services, gave me the opportunity to work with cutting edge and technology and explore new ways to apply it to government and business problems. While the main focus of our business is leveraging the technology available today to solve our clients’ problems, to make information technology a competitive advantage, part of our business needs to stay engaged at the cutting edge. Eagle River Research does that through internal Research & Development as well as participating in the federally funded Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

“Over the last two years launching our eLearning business, Eagle River Group helped us navigate the process of building a completely new venture by providing and integrating the tools that empower our small number of employees now, but built on a structure that allows for long term growth.”

– Janine O’Neil, Media Content and Applications Executive, Logistics Training Center

what we do

Eagle River Group was founded to drive innovation forward in how we can leverage technology to manage information, share knowledge, and make better decisions.

Eagle River Technology provides services to small and medium businesses to integrate and manage cloud business applications that can turn data into knowledge and power better business decisions.

Eagle River Research focuses on research & development for technologies that will drive the future of resource industries on Earth, as well as resource utilization beyond Earth (space mining). This includes intelligent planning and control systems, robotics, and autonomous mining operations.

values of the mountain ethos

• Overcoming Obstacles
• Trust
• Ruggedness
• Essential Simplicity
• Long-range Vision
• Decentralized Action
• Awe

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